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Issue 3: March 2015


The Archer Technology Group

has a new brand and a new website

visit us at:


New brand, new website and new email addresses 

Late in 2014 we announced that we have revitalised our business with a new brand and we are pleased to announce that we have recently launched our new website. You can visit our website at: We’d love to hear your thoughts, ideas or feedback.

Our business address, contact phone and fax numbers HAVE NOT CHANGED.

Our email addresses & website have changed

Please make a note of our new website address

and our new email addresses: 

Larry Blode –

Sheryl Furman –

Akiva Quinn –

Some of the reasons why we decided to make this change include:

  • The rebranding was a necessary part of our organisation repositioning itself for growth.
  • Our decision to change our brand occurred after a review of our current practices.  Old habits and processes that no longer served our business were left behind and a new visual identity helped us show our customers and the market place that we are re-energised and re-focused.
  • Our old logo was beginning to look dated and a fresh new look that brought the business into the ‘now’ was needed.

As always we are dedicated to continuing to provide you with quality IT support and focused on improving communication with our customers even further.  If you have any questions or concerns about these changes we would be happy to speak to you, please do not hesitate to contact us on: 03 9570 2000.

Tencia Tips for preparing BAS  Statements

When processing your BAS for the ATO, it is important to remember that goods imported from overseas are not taxed for GST. However the services that are attached to it, such as freight, insurance and duty do incur GST.

These GST values will appear in the G11 Box and again in G20. However, the value for the GST free values do not display in G14. Why is that? Well Tencia has an option to display or not display GST free values. To set this option to view GST free items, all you need to do is make a change to the “Maintain Creditor Accounts” tab, go to the “Account details” sub tab and click on the drop down list in the “Tax report status” field, then select ‘Exempt” and save your changes.

More cool tips 

Did you know that each time you send an invoice or statement Tencia can automatically send an additional attachment out along with the form? Say for example you send out statements each month, you could easily attach a newsletter, a brochure, a catalogue, change of terms, or information on special deals or discounts that can promote or add value to your business.

To do this you will need to set up Tencia in the following way.  Simply navigate to:

System menu – Click on the “Maintain” item

Look for – “Maintain Document Attachments”

When the “Maintain document attachments” screen is displayed, select the type of statement that you would like to attach an additional document to.

Select the document prefix and add the description in the description field and then browse to select the newsletter, brochure or other item of interest to attach.

Click on “Save” to save your changes.

Progress is impossible without change – Are you ready?

Several of our clients asked us about the recent changes we’ve made to our brand so we thought it would be relevant to share an article on the broader topic of ‘change’. Change is inevitable and whether we like it or not it’s going to happen in one way or another, in one aspect of our lives or another. British born philosoher Alan Watts said; “The only easy way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it and join the dance.”  One of the best selling business books ever written that examines change and various responses that individuals can make to change is called ‘Who moved my cheese?’  by Spencer Johnson.  Many of you may have already read this book or know of it, but we thought it might be valuable to re-visit and share the key messages found in this book especially for those who may not have the time to read it for themselves.

It is a story about change and “cheese” is a metaphor for what we believe makes us HAPPY.  Our happiness can come in many forms such as:

•  Business success

•  Money

•  A relationship

•  Health

•  Freedom

•  Spiritual peace

The message in this book is simple, yet important:


They keep moving the cheese.


Get ready for the cheese to move.


Smell the cheese often so you know when its getting old.


The faster you let go of old cheese the sooner you can enjoy new cheese.


Move with the cheese.


Savour the adventure and enjoy the taste of new cheese.


They keep moving the cheese.

The book uncovers how to deal with change so that you can enjoy less stress and more success in your work and in your life.  The key messages are listed above are handy to keep in mind in your daily work and life, we thought it was worthwhile sharing these with you. Change or opportunity? You decide, it’s everywhere.  

Take a moment to contemplate…

The One Dirty Little Secret No Vendor Tells You About Your ERP Project Until It’s Too Late

We’ll Show You How to Make Your ERP Implementation a Smooth Cruise Up The Freeway Instead of a 20 Car Pile Up?


Say you have an important parcel you want to be shipped from your warehouse in Melbourne to a major customer in the Sydney CBD. Due to its size, weight and shape the only way to get it there is to road freight it

So you’ve called the freight company, given them the details, they’ve quoted you a set price, picked it up, and then the driver calls you to say he’s arrived in Sydney and he’d like to be paid.

You check the invoice, and you realise your parcel is in a depot in Liverpool on Sydney’s outskirts – many kilometres short of the CBD. So you call him back and get your first surprise. You’ve been slugged an
excess fuel charge because traffic was heavy, and he’s used 100 litres more than expected. How is this my problem you cry?

Many ERP systems are implemented the same way – layer upon layer of surprises.


Because the sales team has nothing to do with the implementation team. Their estimate is based on some form of vague past experience, fear of their competition and the eagerness to get your business. So they under quote, hoping they can manage your expectations nearer to completion.

A professional truck driver would surely know what it takes to get from point A to point B.

So now your valuable, business-critical parcel is held hostage in a depot 1,000 kilometres away and the ‘discussion on price’ begins.

Your truck driver recommends that instead of costing it out by the litre of fuel used, he’ll cost it out by the hour.

“I reckon it’ll be between 10 to 15hrs,” he says which seems like an honest answer.

You as the customer know that Sydney is 900km away, and the speed limit is 110km per hour. So
that should make it 7½ hours which leaves a big gap between 7½ and the 15 hours quoted. The truck driver explains that by law for every 3 hours driving time he must have a 1-hour break. The road goes through towns and  the  traffic along with the ever present road works slow him down. Given this explanation, the 15 hours quoted seems a very understandable figure.

So why aren’t’t ERP systems costed the same way? Nearly all ERP systems are quoted by the hour. Many of them have no upper time limit or perhaps something vague like 4 weeks. I‘ve seen quotes stating simply X dollars per hour, and we do not stop until you are happy. OH NO!

Time for the next surprise – they’ve still got your parcel, and it’s in their depot in Liverpool –not in your customers hands. You finally read the fine print you should have read before you signed the agreement and learned that delivery to Sydney is to their depot. Delivery to the CBD
is extra… How is this like an ERP project?

Simple – go live is only 90% of the journey.

Just like Liverpool is 90% of the way to Sydney, turning on your ERP system is not 100% of the journey but no one tells you about this. The last 10% – the most important 10% – is the go-live support,
training and warranty period. My company Archer Technology only provides quotes that include post
go-live support, full training and a support through the warranty period.

All this is included in your quote, so you get no nasty last minute surprises because let’s face it, 90% of the project is worse than no project at all.

Like the parcel – if it was sitting on your desk you have options to find another company but now it’s held for ransom in a depot you have no control over. You either pay more, or you never see your parcel

Does this sound familiar to your last implementation disaster?

This is why Archer Technology Group offers only full delivery quotations.

You know, the one final, all-inclusive price for your complete ERP solution.

No arguments, no delays, no surprises and the right support and training for your people so your company keeps growing.

So, when you’re looking at the next quote in front of you, give some thought if the vendor has considered the last 10% and if not – ask them.

You’ll have a lot less unpleasant surprises if you do. Larry Blode is the owner of Archer Technology Group. Archer recommends and sells Arrow Tencia ERP solutions that empower businesses to do what
they do best – that is keep working and grow. Contact Larry directly





Issue 4: June 2015

Archer Technology Group


It seems that now is the time for small businesses to take action to keep software updated and compliant, enabling them to realise productivity benefits in the future an avoid the frustrations of dated technology.

Generous tax write off for Small Business 

If you currently run or you are thinking of starting a small business, now is the time to act.  Recent announcements in the 2015 Federal budget mean that many small businesses are eligible to receive an instant asset write off allowing small businesses to claim back purchases up to the amount of $20,000.

Who is eligible?

Businesses with an annual turnover under $2 million can claim immediate tax deductions for as many sub-$20,000 purchases as they make until June 30, 2017.  In order to be eligible businesses must demonstrate ongoing business activity via a quarterly Business Activity Statement (BAS).

What does this mean for me?

Software purchases for business use such as accounting software can be claimed under the new initiative.  So if you are thinking of investing in business software now is the time!

Think about the assets that could help you improve your business from new office furniture, to IT hardware, infrastructure or other machinery, the small business package is very generous and allows you to claim an immediate tax deduction. If you are considering upgrading your accounting system the time to act is now. If you are unsure if an item is eligible speak to your accountant or financial advisor.

Tencia Release V 2015.2.0.0

Tencia Release V 2015.2.0.0 is the controlled release of the Fixed Assets module.  This is the final module representing the completion of all Arrow Financial modules.  A controlled release means that the module will be released to a selected group of client sites before a general release of the module at a later date.

This release also includes a new module called Multi-bin allocation that will be useful for warehousing and distribution firms as well as other clients that may require this feature.  Multi-bin allocation has been included as a new feature and will form part of the Tencia Core system. 

Multi-bin allocation allows users to manage which bins stock will be allocated to. For instance, this feature will manage which stock location bins will receive stock and from which bins stock will be taken from when stock is sold.

Please note that for clients with customised document formats, you will require a review of your current formats to ensure that you can print fixed assets information or bin location number details. Changes to your system may be required to ensure that these items are picked up and printed in the line details of reports and documents.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us on 03 9570-2000.

Are you ready for SuperStream? 

The Australian Tax Office has sent out a request for small business owners to ensure that they are ready for the introduction of SuperStream on July 1, 2015.  Many of you will already be aware of SuperStream, it is the Government’s initiative for a more simplified superannuation scheme.  It will require all super contributions to be made electronically with linked data and payments.  This change was rolled out to large businesses in 2014 and will become a requirement for small business with 19 employees or less on July 1, 2015. 

Remember that implementing SuperStream is a legal requirement for all Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF). For SuperStream to work effectively, employees with SMSFs must provide relevant e-commerce details to their employer so they can update their payroll system.

How has Tencia responded to these changes?

Tencia will generate a SuperStream Alternate File Format (SAFF).  A number of updates have been made to Tencia to ensure that this file format can be generated to cater for the SuperStream changes.  Updates have been made to system parameters and payment types as well as updates to the super guarantee links.  New fields have been included in Tencia, as well as the development of new processes for SuperStream payments. 

Important information to note includes that employers with 20+ staff must use the standard or an approved bridging solution. Employers with less than 20 staff must show intent to move to the data standard while continue on with supported bridging solutions by July 1, 2015. 

Remember don’t delay providing your fund details to allow employers to make the changes to their payroll systems.

Save time in Tencia – Here’s a tip

Did you know that you can ‘group’ reference numbers by supplier?

There may be times where you need to alter a transaction but you are unsure about which reference number has the right details. An example of this could be a purchase order.

There is an easy way of “grouping” the reference numbers by supplier and then working your way through the list.

Our example is using the demo data.

Using the @ search enter @suppliers name into the search field, for example as @agile for Agile Imports and then press F4.

This will group all the purchase orders for Agile Imports together.  There is a tiny ‘pin tack’, in blue, that allows you to lock the data view, click on the ‘pin tack’ once. Your data view should now be across the screen, or hidden from view. Now you can select each purchase order one by one till you find the one you want to alter. When you are done, you can click the ‘pin tack’ again to unlock the data view. 

If you need more help you can view a step by step Youtube clip at

Thought for the day…


Issue 5: August 2015

Archer Technology Group


New and improved Tencia features 

Fixed Assets is here!

Fixed Assets

The Tencia Fixed Assets module is now available.  Some of our clients were eager to get access to this module.  Please get in touch if you would like to arrange to see a demonstration or if you would like to place an order.  The Fixed Assets module can now be purchased at $1,500. If you have any questions regarding this module please feel free to call us for a discussion on 9570 2000.

More new Tencia features

SuperStream Payments & Report

As mentioned previously Tencia has been enhance to deal with the new SuperStream requirements. With the new tax legislation in process, all companies need to be Superstream compliant by July 1 2016. This new Tencia payments and report feature takes the manual process that normally needs to be performed and combines it into one easy to download file to be provided to your clearing house, making things simpler for you. 

Multibin Location Management

Multibin location management is here and allows you to decide which stock bins in a warehouse are to receive stock. 

The aim of this feature is to allow:

1. For stock to be picked in the most efficient manner.

2. That the oldest stock is sold first.

3. For the actual cost of the stock to be used in the cost of sales calculations.

This is a great feature for warehousing and distribution businesses with advanced stock requirements.  If your business handles stock and you think this feature might be of interest to you please get in touch and we will happily guide you through all of the features that the module has to offer and explain how they can be applied to your business. 

Time saving features 

Changing label names

You will now be able to change the name of field label user defined fields so that you can enter data more efficiently.  This will make Tencia a lot more flexible, you can now name one of these fields with a name that is more relevant to your business. One example would be that a subscription-based business might want to change Customer Code to Member Code so that it makes more sense to their business. 

Email and hyperlinks

Email and URL fields throughout Tencia will now have hyperlinks so users can click links to launch an email or access a web address. Hyperlinks will also display in fields that appear in the navigation panel. Reference numbers will also appear in the email subject line. This means that documents that you email from within the system will now contain the reference number in the subject line. 

Hot new item!

Tencia Warning Dialogs  A large number of users asked for warning dialogs to remain viewable until the user has read and acknowledged them. The Tencia system uses Red for Error dialogs and Blue for Warning dialogs. These warnings will now remain present on your screen until you click them off.

Travel time recent change

Please note that there has been a recent change to our service agreement. From September 1st 2015 all chargeable time on site will now include travel time both to and from the client premises at a rate of $120/hr or part thereof.

3 ways that Business Intelligence can help your business  

Business Intelligence (BI) is used to help businesses improve their decision making.  BI software allows you to carry out data analysis on areas of your business so that you can have a better overall picture of where your business is headed, so you can stay ahead of your competitors. 

Good decisions require good information.

Information that is:

  • Timely
  • Relevant and
  • Accurate

Can you easily answer the following questions about your business? 

  • What are your most popular products, what have you sold most?
  • What are your most profitable product lines?
  • Which product costs the most to produce? 

Business Intelligence helps to:

  • Get insights into consumer behaviour. 
  • Better understand costs therefore helping to improve business efficiency. 
  • Gives you access to timely information that is more easily shared amongst decision makers.   

Last month Archer Technology Group (ATG), signed an agreement with Australian developer Phocas Software. It’s a milestone decision for ATG as it ends months of research and trials of many different solutions as well as ticking many boxes for a complete solution that will best meet our clients needs.

What makes Phocas different to many other BI software solutions is:

  • Easy to use. The customer site can be up and running within minutes, not days. 
  • Can run in the cloud or in-house
  • Runs on a variety of different devices.
  • Reports are easy to design. The customer takes control of the designing their own reports. Not relying on a service provider to design reports for them. 

We have already signed up one long term customer and will bring you a report on progress in the coming months.

Please get in touch if you would like to see a free no obligation presentation of Phocas Business Intelligence software so you can get a full appreciation of the power and simplicity of this solution.

You can view the 3 minute miracle here

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