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We are systems integration specialists who partner with you to deliver great IT systems.  Our expertise is in helping you identify your software system requirements and assisting you end-to-end when it comes to implementing your Accounting software solutions.  We have helped hundreds of small to medium sized businesses and can help you during your requirements gathering phase to determine your specific software needs.  We will guide you through the process to help you determine whether our solutions match your requirements.

  •  We are resellers of Arrow Software solutions including their flagship Accounting solution Tencia.
  • We are experts in customising this software to ensure that it meets your specific needs. Including developing customised reports for your business.
  • We provide ongoing support services, whether your issue requires face-to- face, on-site, phone support or remote dial in, we can tailor our support service to fit your needs.
  • We will train you and your staff so that you feel comfortable and in control when using your new software, we do this to ensure you get the most value out of your new system.
  • We are well versed in what we do and want to assist you in choosing the right technology path, our approach is to educate and empower our partners and work with you in the long term to make sure your investment grows along with your business.
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