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Phocas BI is so easy and powerful to use

Phocas BI is Business Intelligence software that helps you better understand your business data. Phocas has been designed for non-technical users and gives you a helicopter view of your business.

Why use Phocas?
  • Phocas helps you take advantage of company wide intelligence.
  • Gives you better visibility and insights into your business performance.
  • Promotes better collaboration by making it easier to share data.
  • Geospatial capabilities, so you can analyse the geographic locations of certain information such as customers or sales location.
  • Can unlock revenue-making opportunities in your business by giving you real time insights.
  • Easy integration with other systems: integrates easily with Arrow and Tencia using IT expertise provided by Archer Technology Group.
  • Allows users to easily create and publish simple reports without having to wait for assistance from IT staff.

Phocas enables you to interrogate your data, consolidate data, identify important trends, conduct modelling and forecasting and stay ahead of the competition.Phocas is available as a cloud based solution or can be installed on premise.


Phocas BI has dashboards and heatmaps

Phocas BI uses specially designed dashboards to give you a visual summary of your business. Phocas users can quickly and easily customise and build their own dashboards without needing any help from their IT department.

Imagine having a bird’s eye view of your business and being able to act on information, collaborate with colleagues and make key business decisions faster.

Phocas puts you in control, no more waiting for someone else to create your ad hoc reports.   Create and publish simple reports and have them delivered by email at a time that suits you and your team, daily, weekly or monthly.

The difference with Phocas is that you can go straight from your dashboard right down to an individual transaction level, something that very few BI tools can do. You decide how much detail you want to see and how you want to see it.

On the Go – Mobile

Take your data with you with Phocas BI


Need your real time data on the fly?  No problem. Phocas is mobile friendly all you need is a mobile device that has a browser with HTML support and the software is ready to use as a web based application.

Built on trusted Microsoft technology

Phocas has a HTML5 and Javascript presentation layer and clean, easy to follow screens that users love.  The software has been developed using trusted Microsoft technology.  It uses Microsoft.NET technology making it really flexible and giving the software the power to integrate easily with other systems such as accounting software or CRM solutions.  Phocas has a Microsoft SQL database,so you can rest assured the product will be robust and powerful.

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