The Archer Technology Group has  many Success Stories. We want yours to be one too.


When we think about the hundreds of companies that we have been fortunate enough to work with there have been many success stories. But is exactly “success”? Success can come in all forms based on one’s own perceptions.

Success could be based:

  • On Price
  • Time
  • Quality

The saying that “Success breeds success” indeed holds true in our company because after 24 years in business, we can see that we have been a part of many successful projects and it’s no accident that we are amongst the most successful ERP implementers in Melbourne.

Featured Success Stories
The uniting church thinks that Tencia software is divine
Advance Hair use Tencia Business Software
Tibaldi just love Tencia Software
Provision use Tencia Business Software
Saleras use Arrow Software for their payroll
Award Brands loves Tencia
Without Tencia Software Kirk will not sell their food
CEDA continues to use Tencia Software as their main ERP Business Software
AMEB used Tencia Software to control their music
Presbyterian Church had great success with Tencia Software
Prime Valves selects Tencia Business ERP Software as their accounting system
Tencia Software replaced their old software at Pratts
Nidac selects Tencia Business ERP Software as their accounting system
Afterpay get huge benefit from Tencia
Tencia increases productivity for Monash Medical Centre
Power Crank are not cranky anymore after using Tencia
Prime Pak uses Tencia Software to help their business
Lectra has had great success with Tencia ERP
Tencia Software helps Celmac manages its branches
Tencia can be found at Tesselaars
Freeway has Tencia integrated with their online shopping cart
Tencia helps Steinhoff make beds for us to sleep on
LifeStyle Brands loves using Tencia Software
Kents manages its Fixed Assets using Tencia Software
McCullochs of Bendigo, manages all its business and inventory using Tencia Software
Tencia Software controls John Kennedys Jobs
Tencia Software can be found at Realestate View
Tencia Software controls all its companies
Tencia Software, foreign currency feature is vital for AES
Tencia Software paid over 400 employees each week on time without fail
Tencia Software integrates with Apecs from end jewelry ordering software
Tencia software pays Walsh Ballarat Quaries staff
Tencia Software help ATEL manage its invoices