Free Tencia Training


We believe that great support and great training is the lynchpin to the successful experience of Arrow and Arrow Tencia.
We feel so committed to your experience that we are prepared to share our experience by providing Free Tencia Training Videos.

Listed below are our series of free training and tutorial videos for Tencia Software. All of them are short and easy to follow:

  • Setting Field Defaults – Learn how to take control of Tencia and get it to work for you as you want.
  • Apply Filters – Learn how to search for data and then apply a filter to narrow down your search until found.
  • Double Checking a Process – Learn how to validate a process before committing it to Tencia.
  • Grouping Reference Numbers – Learn how to select data and then pin it so that it remains with you until finished.
  • Adding Favorites – Learn how to add commonly used programs to your favourites saving you lots of time.
  • Foreign Currency – This Tutorial demonstrates a basic setup of Foreign Currency with invoices and payments.

We are always on the lookout for more videos to make so, if you want one made for you, write to us via the form below.

We also have free user guides too. Tencia User Guide and Manuals

Setting Field Defaults
Applying Filters
Double Checking a Process
Grouping Reference Numbers
Adding Favourites
Foreign Currency

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