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Fabienne – The Story

Fabienne has been a leading jewellery wholesaler to Australian and New Zealand retailers for almost 30 years. They sell via store visits, using software and barcoded samples to collate orders that are then sent to their office for distribution.  They scour the world for relevant fashion and then use their comprehensive supply network to ensure that they have quality and fashionable product for their market at the right price.

When we first met Rohan Carlisle, the Director of Fabienne, he was using well-known Australian products as his primary accounting software platform. And, while one was doing its job well, Rohan felt that he could do better elsewhere with the other.

And that’s how he found us.

After listening to Rohan and his team, we put together a plan that would take their existing data out of their old accounting software and import it directly into Tencia. Next, we built connectivity links that would integrate their Tencia Web Store Shopping Cart bi-directionally with Tencia Accounting. And finally, we added the Opmetrix Mobile Sales Solution to allow their on-road agents to take orders while visiting customers. These orders in turn would automatically integrate to the head office and warehouse systems for picking, packing, invoicing and receipting of money. The result is a fully automated end to end sales and supply solution with next to no human intervention.

Further, we custom-built a foreign currency solution that allows Fabienne to maintain one selling price for all their stock items and depending on the location of the customer Tencia will select the correct currency and price. This saves them many hours in not having to maintain multiple currencies and pricing.

Enhancements to invoicing and statements were done so that all foreign currency customers would know what price they were being charged for their order. Now customers can pay in any currency and still have an accurate balance at the end of each month.

This all happened in 2018.

Three years later Rohan describes his association with Archer and Tencia as follows.

“I feel like Archer are on my side, and understand my needs as well as any IT support company ever has. It helps that they are small, privately owned businesses like mine is.”

“I rate it (Tencia) highly it is relatively simple to use, and if you make an error, then there is a high degree of flexibility to make rectifications. We have a lower reliance on external technology specialists to perform routine procedures or to rectify data errors that we had inadvertently caused. As a result, we have saved $s on contractors, and I believe we have had more time to spend managing and reviewing the business.”