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The Tencia Modules

The Tencia Module line-up comes with no fewer than nineteen standard modules and nine specialist modules. We give you two purchase options, each with benefits depending on your financial structure. There is an outright purchase model where you start with the 19 core modules, the number of users and any specialist modules such as payroll. The second option is to subscribe. For one very low price, you start with all nineteen modules and all specialist modules (including payroll, fixed assets, job costing, and bill of materials), then add the number of users and finish with specialist options, such as bank feeds, business intelligence, webstore, or employee portal.

Tencia is written in Microsofts Visual Basic.Net, the fifth most popular programming language on the planet. Why did we choose it over newer programming languages? Efficiency, Robustness, ease of use, and compatibility with the internet and other languages.

Each module is constructed in the same way. Each screen has been carefully constructed to provide you with the information that you wish to see. Need more information? No problem. With our unique field column chooser, select the field that you want to use and drop it into the screen. Tencia automatically provides you with the new data.

Each screen can be individually adapted to you and your staff’s preferences. Perhaps you want a field automatically filled, no problem. Or perhaps you want to jump or skip over fields that you do not wish to use, or better still, hide them from view, and again no problem.

Every inquiry screen integrates with Microsoft’s Excel and every report can be saved as a pdf, word document, or excel report.

Email facilities abound throughout the system. Reports can be instructed to run on a schedule that includes emailing to staff members in your organisation. We are even Gmail and O365 compatible.

This brings us to our final point. Almost every month Arrow releases new enhancements to Tencia. Sometimes they are options, making our lives easier, sometimes they are features, such as STP2.0 and other times they are entire modules. We are constantly in motion, not satisfied with what we have and a passion and desire to be better than the day before.

General Ledger

The General Ledger is integral to your accounting system offering real-time data. It is fully integrated ensuring the integrity and accuracy of your financial information. Tencia G/L allows for groups, cost and functional accounting allow with additional dimensional reporting.

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Cash Book

Maintain an up to date running balance of your cash position, stay fully informed about your liquidity at any point in time and forecast future cash flow.

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Keep track of important customer sales and credit information. Monitor outstanding balances quickly and easily. The interface is simple to use and lets you perform detailed inquiries.

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Foreign Currency Bank Account

Enter purchase orders, creditor’s invoices, sales orders, debtor invoices, General Ledger payments and journals and credit notes in a foreign currency with centralised cash related transactions for local and overseas currencies.

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Creditors (Accounts Payable)

Track and reconcile your creditor accounts and monitor the age of your suppliers debt more effectively. The easy to use interface allows for rapid data entry of supplier invoices.

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Purchase Orders

Effectively manage purchase orders that are placed with suppliers with fully integrated job costing, Bill of Materials and the Sales Order system enables automatic stock allocation to customer backorders occurs.

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Sales Orders

Manage the complete sales order cycle, from preparing quotes to issuing Debtor invoices. Easily print invoices, packing slips and credit notes and integrates fully with Stock, Debtors, Purchase Orders and Bill of Materials.

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Stock (Inventory)

Control your entire stock cycle, from the initial purchase of the goods to the eventual sales, making it easy to track stock movements and inventory levels quickly and accurately.

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Multi Company

For organisations that have more than one company operating, the Multi-Company feature in Tencia Software has been developed to assist and streamline the creation and optional consolidation of these companies.

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A transparent layered security model provides the foundation for the Tencia user experience. It aims to deliver a user experience that helps both employees and systems administrators become more efficient and productive.

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Serial Batch Tracking

Easily and immediately identify, monitor and track the movement of stock items by a unique characteristic such as a Serial, Batch or Roll number. This feature is very valuable in manufacturing environments.

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Special Pricing Matrix

Set up and maintain special prices for stock, customers and suppliers. These special prices can be in the form of a special price, discount percentage, discount value, mark-up percentage or price reduction. This can be set optionally.

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Tencia Report Designer

Allows the creation, modification and output of standard stationary such as invoices, statements and reports. Capable of printing to various printers, exporting data to various formats including PDF, RTF, XLS and HTML which can then be emailed.

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Job Costing

Fully integrated to Creditors, Stock, Debtors, Purchase Orders, Bill of Materials, Payroll and General ledger so there is no double entry required. Flexible allowing you to perform job costing, time costing or both.

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Bill of Materials

Providing a means of managing raw material stock levels and ensuring they are optimized by effective material requirement planning and stock control.

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Fixed Assets

Easily maintain accurate and timely balances on assets, calculating both book and tax values. This gives you a complete movement and history of assets including depreciation calculations, reevaluations, disposals and asset transfers.

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An individual’s pay can be setup in any form required. This gives enormous flexibility in the way the payroll is prepared. Features include: Automatic calculation for accrual of entitlements, i.e. sick leave, annual leave, long service leave etc.

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Tencia Connect Enterprise

Regarded as the gateway for other applications to integrate with Tencia Software, it is designed to facilitate the exchange of information between applications.

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Advanced Sales Analysis

A collection of reports that present sales statistics in various formats. These reports have been designed to assist in the analysis and interpretation of sales data within Tencia.

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Contact Management

The Contact Management module was developed to streamline and facilitate transparency of interactions with both customers and suppliers.

Analytical Accounting

Analytical Accounting is primarily used to trace expense and revenue accounts by analysis groups (dimension codes) in order to derive profit and loss by dimension codes

Tencia BI

Tencia BI utilises Microsoft Power BI, a cloud-based business analytics service that provides tools to analyse and share insights via pre-configured custom reports and dashboards. TenciaBI enables users to interact with agile, self-service intuitive tools to analyse data more quickly.

Tencia Webstore

Tencia Webstore is Tencia's eCommerce solution. It is the easiest, quickest and least expensive way to sell your items online. With many Templates to choose from the look and feel will be exactly what you want from an eCommerce solution. And Tencia will automatically sync all your data between your database and the web.

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Tencia Bank Feeds

Tencia Bank Feeds is a subscription service that feeds all transactions from your bank account straight into your Cashbook Module. The benefit of this feature is that is 100% accurate, fast, and will save you huge time by eliminating the need to do daily or weekly bank reconciliations.

Tencia Employee Portal

Tencia Employee Portal (Aka Employee Kiosk) is a web-based SAAS application that provides a huge benefit to both the employer and employee. Employees can view and reprint pay advice, apply for leave, change addresses and perform jobs that take up valuable time by the HR personnel.

Tencia Business ERP Software|Archer Technology Group

The Tencia Module line-up comes with no fewer than nineteen standard modules and nine specialist modules. For one very low price, you start with all nineteen modules and then add the specialist modules if required.

Price: $95

Price Currency: AUD

Operating System: Windows

Application Category: BusinessApplication,FinanceApplication

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