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Mainline Security Products

is a 100% Australian-owned security products wholesaler, established in 1980 and based in Melbourne. The company opened an office in Brisbane in 1995. Mainline has been using Tencia for the last 5 years, upgrading from Arrow. Its relationship with Archer Technology Group dates back to 2009 when they upgraded to Arrow SQL.

Today, Mainline Security Products has multiple servers, with a healthy digital link between their head office in Melbourne and their office in Brisbane. Tencia is configured to run as Psuedo Cloud Application with the users in Brisbane launching Tencia via the smart client installed locally in Brisbane and getting their data from Melbourne. This way they do not need expensive servers in both cities and the combined licensing saves them money as well.

What were your top reasons for using Archer and Tencia?

When Mainline was selecting a technology provider, the most important factors were security and reliability, and customer service. The business has extensive stock and debtors information, and its business efficiency depends on an accurate accounting system which can provide fast processing and accurate records.

Mainline values Tencia for its ease of use. The company identifies the best features of Tencia as an extensive suite of reports, and the ability to produce documents in a number of formats, for example emailing documents to customers.

What benefits have you seen since using Archer and Tencia?

When considering the improvements and benefits experienced since using Tencia, Mainline notes that end-of-month processing is now possible without users needing to log out. In this way, Tencia enables increased efficiency, with an excellent presentation of reports, and the ability to export data to other applications such as Excel.

They also love being able to have all their financial information available for the owner in real-time.

How would you describe working with Archer Technology Group?

Mainline describes Archer Technology Group’s support as follows:
“Level of support is excellent – always polite, knowledgeable, and attentive.”
Archer’s customer service is a stand out feature of their experience when working with Tencia.