Special Customer Pricing

Tencia’s Customer Special Pricing, Multi-Tier Pricing, and Multi-Level Pricing feature provides the ability to set up and maintain special prices for stock, customers and suppliers.

These special prices can be in the form of a specific price, discount percentage, discount value, mark-up percentage or price reduction.

These special prices can be set optionally including quantity breaks and date ranges.

What this means for you is that no matter who you work with the price of your products and services will always be correct, reducing error, and having happier customers.

Special pricing features include:

  • Any of the above special prices for customers can be based on selling prices 1 to 6, or on the average, standard or last cost or a nominated value.
  • Special prices can be entered for Quantity Breaks. Up to 10 quantity breaks can be set for each special price.
  • A date range can also be entered for each special price, and these can optionally be purged/deleted globally when required.
  • Tencia has the ability to find the lowest price
  • Perform comprehensive Special price inquiries
  • Optionally include special prices when printing the stock price list.
  • Special prices can be linked to customer type, group or area code.
  • Special prices can be a percentage of the price a price reduction or mark up or an amount.
  • Perform bulk price updates to previously entered special prices, either increases or decreases by percentage or dollar amount.


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