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Efficient cash management is fundamental in today’s ever changing business environment.  Tencia Cash Book maintains an up to date running balance of your cash position so you are fully informed about your organisations liquidity at any point in time and able to forecast future cash flow based on accurate data.  Keeping you informed and in control.

Features such as Automatic Bank Feeds, access your transactions straight from the bank for easy reconciliations. Transactions appearing on your bank statement but not in Tencia are automatically created with your permission, keeping you up to date, and accurate.

Cashbook features include:

  • Multiple bank accounts which can be maintained in both local and foreign currencies.
  • Automatic notifications when bank accounts move into credit.
  • Quick and simple bank reconciliations with minimum data entry.
  • Upload Bank Statements from your bank for efficient matching of data.
  • Full integration with the debtors and creditors functions and links to payroll so that payments are automatically reflected in your bank account balances including transfers between bank accounts.
  • Easy processing of cancelled cheques and dishonoured receipts.
  • Simple to use income and expense codes are available, for flexible data entry and reporting.
  • Ability to permanently store bank, branch and drawer details against debtor, at time of receipt entry.
  • Automatic payments for Debtors, Creditors, Superannuation, and Payroll.
  • Superstream solutions developed.
  • Creation of Bank Transfer files for efficient management of data.

Cashbook reports:

  • Bank account listing
  • Bank account Ledger
  • Income transaction report
  • Expense transaction report
  • Automatic transactions report
  • Cashflow report
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Bank deposit listing
  • Computerised cheque printing
  • Cheque register
  • Printing receipts

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