Tencia Connect Enterprise

Tencia Connect Enterprise can be regarded as the gateway for other applications to integrate with Tencia, it is designed to facilitate the exchange of information between applications. Tencia Connect Enterprise is the facility used within Tencia to allow it to integrate with third party applications ensuring database security is maintained. The Tencia Connect Enterprise user interface is the mechanism that exposes services such as .Net assemblies, Web services and Windows Communications Foundation, or upload and download routines.


  • E Commerce
  • Web Shopping Cart Systems
  • Payment Gateways
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Time and Attendance – Payroll
  • Web Based Payroll Kiosk
  • Mobile Payroll Solutions
  • Stock Price Lists
  • Data Exchange

Tencia Connect Overview

Tencia Connect is available in two parts, Connect Core functionality is included in the core Tencia system, providing a user driven manual integration process, where the upload/download process is defined, incorporated within the Tencia menu structure and then run from the Tencia menu option.

Connect Enterprise is a specialist module, which incorporates greater flexibility when importing/exporting data, processes can be scheduled to run automatically and other data exchange methods can be configured including: file, web service, windows communication foundation service and .Net application programming interface (API).


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