Tencia Sales Orders

Tencia’s Sales Orders module allows you to manage the complete Sales Order cycle for products and/or services ordered from you by your customers.

Available options include entering quotes, converting these to orders, managing back orders, processing shipments, and producing debtor invoices.  Documents such as picking and packing slips, delivery dockets, invoices, return authorities and credit notes are easy to produce.  Inquiries use Tencia’s sorting and filtering functions to quickly provide information about the status of a customer’s order.

The unique features of Tencia Sales Orders can be found from the very beginning with Sales Quotations.  The Sales Quotation feature allows you to email your customer pricing on goods and services as well as review their past buying patterns to establish the correct price.  This will win business for you every time.

Sales Orders can be created from existing Sales Quotations, with the option to re-price stock lines.  Tencia allows multiple delivery and contact details per debtor, with the ability to create new delivery addresses in order entry, so you have all the necessary customer information at your fingertips.

Stock availability information can be viewed when entering stock lines on an order.  Stock is allocated automatically on order entry, and backorders can be allocated manually or automatically.  Sales orders with backorder lines can be transferred to create purchase orders, simplifying the process of re-ordering stock.

Tencia’s special pricing logic allows multiple and flexible prices, while still retaining your ability to override prices at order entry.  You can view the debtor’s balance and credit limit during order creation.  Credit checking occurs automatically, with options to check credit limits, include existing orders, check payment terms, or warn on overdue invoices.  Consolidated invoicing can be set up for your customers who may require it.

Packing slips, delivery dockets or invoices can be generated and printed during order entry.  Shipments are created, and orders may be partially or fully shipped.  Orders can be optionally cancelled by delivery date.

If you have standing orders, these can be used to generate sales orders automatically, with optional nomination of frequency and next due date.  This streamlines the ordering process for customers with regular requirements.

Return authorities can easily be created by referencing the original order.  A debtors credit note is automatically generated once the return authority is processed and a receipt is entered.  This simplifies the returns process for you and your customers.

The Sales Orders module also manages internal orders, simplifying your tracking of stock transfers between business units, or between locations of the same company.

Sales Orders integrates fully and in real-time with the Stock, Debtors, Purchase Orders and Bill of Materials modules to save time and increase accuracy.  Flexible System parameters allow tailoring of many areas of the Sales Order cycle to your business requirements.

Sales order module features include:

  • Easily convert quotes into orders, invoices and bills.
  • Perform inquiries using drag and drop features and Tencia’s sorting and filtering functions to respond quickly to customer queries about the status of an order.
  • View stock availability when creating orders.
  • Automatic stock or backorder allocation when sales orders are entered.
  • System allows direct release of orders and the creation of the invoice. together with the updating of the Debtors and Stock modules.
  • Handles future dated orders.
  • Debtors balance and credit limits will be displayed at time of order entry.
  • Automatic or manual release for backorders incorporating back order priorities.
  • Ability to override sales price at time of entering the order.
  • Multiple delivery addresses, and contact details can be entered per debtor.
  • Ability to create new delivery addresses at time of entering order.
  • Sales order text facility by line or block.
  • Optional facility to consolidate multiple orders onto one invoice.
  • Sales orders with backorder lines can be transferred to create a purchase order.
  • Ability to view historical purchase details, that is previous selling price for this debtor and stock code combination, at the time of quote or sales order entry.
  • Automatic credit checking which places orders on “hold”
  • EDI Sales Order upload facility
  • Process standing orders as recurring orders based on a nominated frequency cycle.
  • Bar code scanning feature for efficient order processing.

Sales order reports include:

  • Orders and quotations.
  • Packing slips.
  • Delivery Address lists
  • Invoices.
  • Quantities by order.
  • Quantities by stock code.
  • Quantities by customer.
  • Values by sales order.
  • Values by stock code.
  • Values by customer.
  • Outstanding orders by customer