Tencia Stock Control

The Tencia stock module gives you control over the entire stock cycle, from the initial purchase of the goods to the eventual sales, making it easy to track stock movements and inventory levels quickly and accurately.

Tencia Stock Control integrates with Debtors, Creditors, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders and Bill of Materials. It also integrates very well with Warehouse Management Systems (WMS).
Combined with the Foreign Currency Module, Stock transactions can be viewed in both your local currency and foreign currency, displaying the currency code and its exchange rate at the time the transaction took place.

Stock features include:

  • Calculate stock reordering, taking into account, seasonality, lead time, economic order quantity, minimum stock level, and selling/purchase cycle.
  • Handles multiple stock locations, with different costs and selling prices at each location if required.
  • Allows for three types of costs to be used, latest, average and standard.
  • Fast price updating using the bulk price update facility or prices can be updated individually.
  • Set up unlimited discounted prices and selling prices using the Price Discount matrix.
  • Enter a new supplier at the time of entering stock details.
  • Non-diminishing stock lines can be created.
  • Supports negative stock balances.
  • Post future period transactions
  • Location and bin number available.
  • Issue stock to jobs for job costing.
  • Allows for physical stocktake counts.
  • Perform stock inquires using flexible sorting and filtering features.
  • Stock conversion provides the ability to purchase and sell in different units.
  • Mark up pricing, based on the cost of purchase.
  • Option to show costs on stock inquiry.
  • Locate stock items using multiple methods including stock code, supplier stock code, multiple bar stock codes.
  • Up to 30 characters Alphanumeric stock code.
  • Up to 6 selling prices.
  • Flag stock as obsolete.
  • Nominate minimum sales margin by stock category.
  • Track stock in transit.
  • Up to 10 user-definable fields on the Stock master file.
  • Multi-level dissection is performed by stock category and stock subcategories.
  • Handles multiple bin locations per stock item.
  • Calculation of freight cost on debtors invoice based on the weight of the item.
  • Stock Ledger report.
  • Stock valuation and movements reports.
  • Stock on order report.
  • Transaction listings.
  • Sales report x value and quantity.
  • Reorder report.
  • Stocktake report.
  • Stocktake sheets.
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Tencia Stock Control